Founded in 2010 by psychologist Dr. Joe Flanders, MindSpace began as a state-of-the-art psychotherapy clinic with a focus on mindfulness-based interventions, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and other emerging evidence-based psychology practices.

It has since grown to become a full-service organization for promoting wellbeing in individuals, companies, and communities. We are the premier provider of personal and professional mindfulness-based training programs in Quebec, work with a number of organizations large and small on institutional wellbeing, and of course our renowned psychotherapy clinic remains a core part of our service offering.

At MindSpace we believe that everyone can benefit from a little more mental fitness, whether you are interested in improving your psychological health, promoting your well-being, or attaining higher levels of performance.

Our team is comprised of doctoral-level psychologists, qualified mindfulness facilitators, certified coaches and consultants with decades of experience. Whether in one-on-one sessions, group programs, or corporate retreats, you can count on our know-how, attention to detail, and our understanding.


Carl Lemieux is a partner at MindSpace and managing director of MindSpace @ work. Carl offers MindSpace clients cultural transformation services, executive coaching, leadership development, all of which leverage mindfulness as a strategic lever to enhance organizational and human potential. He works with clients in both English and French.