Occasionally you may have a balance owing with Mindspace, specifically if you paid a deposit for one of our group programs and have been approved. We require that payment for group programs be paid in full before the start of the first full class.

You have two options for how to settle your account. Firstly, you can call our office at 514-481-0317 and provide your name, the course, and credit card information so that we can process the payment.

Alternatively, you can process this payment yourself online by logging into your Mindspace account on the Mindbody platform. This platform is also useful for viewing your visit history, and managing contact information and billing details, including payment history.

To settle your account yourself, simply log into your account using this link to our Mindbody site, which you created when you signed up for the program.

If you signed up over the phone, or were previously a clinic client with Mindspace, you may need to set a password. If that’s the case, simply click ’Need password’ and enter your email address and you will be able to set one. (This also works if you simply forgot your password.)

From there, click on the ‘My Account Info’ tab, select ‘Account’ from the submenu and locate the course with an ‘Event Balance’ remaining. Click, ‘Make Payment’ and you’ll be asked to select the corresponding amount, and enter your billing information. The payment will then be automatically applied to your account, and you’ll be able to sign-in for the first class!