At the dosages provided at Mindspace, while under the effect of ketamine, you will most likely experience mild reductions in pain, anxiety and depression, in addition to other possible psychoactive effects such as:

● Increased sensitivity to light and sound
● A dream-like or ‘floating’ feeling
● Diminished body sensations
● Altered sense of time
● Mild changes in perception of sound and vision
● Relaxation of ordinary concerns and usual mindset
● Disruption of negative feelings and preoccupations

While many clients find the effects of ketamine to be pleasurable, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can involve experiencing uncomfortable feelings, engaging in difficult interactions, revisiting painful experiences, or being challenged to see the world in new and different ways. Additional details of the therapeutic approach will be shared with you should you choose to go forward with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

During the ketamine dosing sessions, you will be in a room that has been specifically designed to support ketamine and other psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies, and to feel as comfortable as possible. Most clients will prefer to rest in a semi-reclined or reclined position. You will have the opportunity to wear eye-shades if desired, and preselected music, specifically designed to enhance the experience, will be offered.