We sat down with MindSpace client, Barbara Gartner, to discuss her introduction to mindfulness and the benefits it has brought to her daily life.

Mindspace: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Barbara. Can you tell us how you heard about Mindspace and what prompted you to take the 8 week MBSR Course?

Barbara: I came to Mindspace through a recommendation from a friend who thought I could benefit from the MBSR class taught by Dr. Joe Flanders. I had always practiced yoga but never really got the breathing exercises that came at the tail end of yoga classes.

Mindspace: Did you find that the MBSR class helped you establish a meditation and mindfulness practice?

Barbara: Yes, absolutely. After taking the MBSR class something funny happened to me. I began to see things more clearly and insights that I had never had before began to come to me on a daily basis. I took MBSR and got more than I bargained for. Little things come to me all of a sudden. I find that when my mind is at rest it has the incredible ability to work on its own and point me in the right direction.

Mindspace: Having new insights into problems is quite common when practicing mindfulness. Have you been able to keep up the practice since you completed the course?

Barbara: Yes I still meditate daily and have incorporated mindfulness into my everyday life. When issues come up that I don’t know how to handle I put them aside, take a break, and wait for the answer to come to me. This act of responding to a situation instead of reacting to it has lead to making better decisions and also feeling less stress related to those decisions.

Mindspace: I am so happy that you had such a great experience. Would you recommend the MBSR course to a friend?

Barbara: Yes, I think that everyone can benefit from mindfulness training and the training that I received at MindSpace was life-changing.

For more information on our 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program visit: https://www.mindspacewellbeing.com/mindfulness-training/