Passionate about mental-health and wellbeing and pursuing a career that’s aligned with your values?

Looking to be a part of a diverse, inclusive team of professionals connected by a common purpose?

Interested in mindfulness, and joining an organization at the forefront of the current paradigm-shift in mental-health around psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy?


Mindspace is looking for motivated, compassionate and dedicated people to join the team. We are always recruiting new therapists, no matter where you are in your career. Whether you’re an experienced senior psychologist or looking for an internship, we’d love to hear from you. We are also growing quickly as a wellbeing organization in general and recruiting for a number of positions as part of our acquisition by Numinus Wellness, and our expansion into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. See below for currently open positions, and to learn more about what working at Mindspace is like.

Available Positions

  • Registered Nurse (Afternoon Availability) (Casual/On Call)

    Numinus is looking for a bilingual Registered Nurse (RN), available to work in the afternoons (noon to 5PM) to join our growing team. This individual will be a regulated health care professional who has several key functions related to providing competent, evidence-based, and trauma informed care for clients accessing services at Numinus in Montreal. This individual will be responsible for the assessment of patients, as well as the administration and monitoring of psychedelic-assisted therapies (including ketamine-assisted therapy).

  • Clinic Manager (Full Time)

    Numinus is looking for a Clinic Manager in Montreal who will oversee a growing team of over 30 therapists, health professionals and clinic staff. The Clinic Manager will be responsible for the operational infrastructure of the clinic, including implementing and administering EMR and CRM systems, developing clinic workflows and onboarding and training clinic team members. The Clinic Manager will identify areas for growth through networking, and partnerships and work to achieve progression in both business and human metrics. This individual is a strong leader, cultivating a culture that emulates our mission, vision, purpose, and values, while driving positive team and client engagement.

  • Intern (Full Time)

    Since its founding in 2011, Mindspace has been dedicated to promoting well-being in the world by improving the lives of people in our community. We […]

  • Therapist (Contract)

    Since its founding in 2011, Mindspace has been dedicated to promoting well-being in the world by improving the lives of people in our community. We […]

Why Mindspace?

Founded in 2011, Mindspace has developed a reputation as a leader in delivering mental health services in an innovative and impactful way. We are a team of over 35 diverse and talented professionals, collectively driven to impact the world by healing individuals, groups, and communities through therapy, group programming, and training programs. We regularly support each other through supervision and collaboration.

We support you, so you can focus on supporting clients

We know how much work it can be to be to manage clients before therapy even begins! Mindspace has spent a decade refining a strong and flexible digital infrastructure that supports scheduling, communications, marketing, and billing. We have a hybrid virtual and in-person model, and offer high-quality, comfortably furnished workspaces with the convenience of 2 locations in Montreal (Downtown, Plateau) and flexible work hours. We have also assembled an administrative support system that is welcoming, efficient, and effective. From first contact with our highly-ranked web site and friendly front desk staff, to in-depth screening by our skilled Intake Coordinator, Mindspace provides clinicians with appropriate, timely referrals. We want you to be able to focus on supporting your clients, and be able to rest assured that everything else is being taken care of at the highest possible level.

Join a centre of excellence, connect, and continue your education

One message we often offer to clients at Mindspace is that there is always room to grow, to learn, and to reinvest in your wellbeing, no matter where you are on your journey. We believe this applies to our therapists and other team members as well, and have made it a priority to create an environment where continuing your education and training is built right into the workplace. Mindspace is home to several communities of practice specializing in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Eco-anxiety, and more. We have opportunities to lead and facilitate group programs, and regularly offer subsidized continuing education trainings in a number of emerging areas. We are a genuine community of practitioners and professionals that are constantly learning from, challenging, and connecting with one another.