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MindSpace is pleased to announce its partnership with mindfulnessMTL (mMTL), a new non-profit organization formed to promote cohesion and coherence in the Montreal mindfulness community.

MindSpace founder and CEO Dr. Joe Flanders teamed up with Dr. Andreanne Elie (Psychiatrist and mindfulness teacher) and Muriel Jaouich (from True North Insight) to create mMTL. MindSpace’s Program Director, Dr. Sarah Roberts, is taking the lead on mMTL events’ Organizing Committee.

MindfulnessMTL’s inaugural event is a day-long, bi-lingual conference called “Emerging mindfulness practices in healthcare,” taking place on September 30th at UQAM’s Le coeurs des Sciences. The conference features a series of globally recognized mindfulness teachers and researchers from a diverse background, including Dr. Zindel Segal (University of Toronto), Pascal Auclair (True North Insight), and Patricia Dobkin (McGill University). The event will close with a networking 5 a 7.

Montrealers have been highly receptive to the initiative, with tickets selling out weeks before the conference. Several journalists from online, print, and radio outfits are covering the event. People are truly excited to come together and solidify the Montreal mindfulness community.