Alyssa Herzig is an advanced Doctoral student at Concordia University, Montreal, expected to be registered as a clinical psychologist in 2019. She has several years of experience providing therapeutic intervention and assessment services to clients in hospital and university settings before electing to join MindSpace in 2018. At MindSpace, Alyssa works primarily with individual adults in therapy, in both English and French.


Alyssa’s work is founded in empowering individuals with the understanding and skills to acknowledge and to let go of painful patterns and programs learned from trauma, conditioning, and socialization and to move into thriving, connection, and presence. Alyssa’s therapeutic approach is strongly grounded in mindfulness and acceptance, although she integrates valuable therapeutic theory and technology from several therapies including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), as well as gestalt, emotion-focused, compassion-focused, psychodynamic, internal family systems, and transpersonal therapies. To address the needs and goals of each unique client, Alyssa’s approach is culturally sensitive and person-centered.
Clients may choose to be facilitated through processes including and not limited to:

  • Acknowledging and stepping out of old patterns and pain learned from trauma, conditioning, and socialization and learning to live mindfully, deliberately and with empowerment.
  • Connecting with your body, self-integration, acceptance of rejected inner parts, and establishing internal harmony, trust, peace, and love
  • Releasing suppressed or stuck emotions
  • Learning to deliberately select and embody neurological and feeling states
  • Learning to self-sooth and meet chronically unmet emotional needs
  • Bringing conscious awareness into the physical body to identify and align with your felt experience, inner self, inner integrity, inner wisdom, core values, meaning, purpose, wants, in order to live a life that feels like thriving
  • Clarifying relationships and interpersonal dynamics


Alyssa works extensively with clients presenting with diverse forms of distress and challenges, such as post traumatic stress; difficulties arising in childhood trauma; a variety of depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders; burnout; grief; chronic anger; low self-esteem; chronically unmet emotional needs (e.g., safety, trust, love, validation), psychosis, internal conflict, interpersonal difficulties, and ADHD.

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