Alyssa works with clients presenting with diverse forms of distress, challenges and goals. As an emotional wellness coach, Alyssa is particularly focused in guiding clients as they learn to meet chronically unmet emotional needs, such as needs for acceptance, love, safety, trust, and validation. She also focuses on helping clients to address and resolve internal conflict (e.g., between conscious and subconscious wants and needs). A third domain of focus is informing and empowering clients to resolve interpersonal and relational difficulties and goals, such as difficulties in forming secure attachment bonds and developing and setting healthy boundaries. She has worked extensively with clients presenting with a variety of depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, burnout, grief, chronic anger, low self-esteem; and difficulties arising in childhood trauma. She supports LGBTQA+, ethical nonmonogamy, sex positivity, and spiritual frameworks. She is also part of Mindspace’s psychedelic harm reduction and integration program. Alyssa’s approach is culturally sensitive and person-centered.

Alyssa’s approach is strongly grounded in mindfulness, (somatics) experiencing the body, and acceptance. Her work is founded in empowering individuals with the understanding and skills to acknowledge and to let go of painful or limiting patterns and programs learned from trauma, conditioning, and socialization and to move into thriving, connection, and presence. Tools and skills are explored with the intention of enhancing sensitivity, deepening physical and emotional awareness, and cultivating internal trust. She integrates valuable theory and skill development tools from several frameworks, as well as eastern philosophies, such as tantric perspectives. She prefers working somatically and works best with clients willing and wanting to be guided in connecting with parts of their self and their suppressed experiences in new, empowering ways, as well as in learning to accept, honour, and care for themselves and their needs.

Clients may choose to be facilitated through processes including and not limited to:

  • Connecting with your body, self-integration, acceptance of rejected inner parts, and establishing internal harmony, trust, peace, and love
  • Releasing suppressed or stuck emotions
  • Learning to deliberately select and embody neurological and feeling states
  • Learning to self-soothe and meet chronically unmet emotional needs, and identifying authentic wants and needs.
  • Bringing conscious awareness into the physical body to identify and align with your felt experience, inner self, inner integrity, inner wisdom, core values, meaning, purpose, wants, in order to live a life that feels like thriving.
  • Acknowledging and shifting out of old patterns and pain and learning to live mindfully, deliberately and with empowerment.
  • Working towards enhancing intimacy through authentic relating, finding balance with conflicting needs, learning to identify and honour emotional needs.


Alyssa has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Concordia University, Montreal. She is currently learning French so she may be licensed with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. She is works in English as an emotional wellness coach, primarily with individual adults.