Andrew is the Director of Programming and Psychedelics at Mindspace, as well as a Mindfulness Teacher and the internal lead on Digital Strategy. In addition to teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction groups he also sees clients for individual mindfulness training as well as coaching in psychedelic harm reduction and integration.

Andrew has been practicing meditation since 2002, having studied mainly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition before becoming interested in the clinical applications of mindfulness. In addition to guiding meditation every weekday at Presence Meditation for almost two years, he completed the teacher training intensive in MBSR with the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in 2018, and is currently mentoring under Dr. Joe Flanders at Mindspace towards official qualification as a facilitator.

Andrew is passionate about furthering our collective understanding of what well-being really means, and how it can be effectively and sustainably practiced, communicated, and scaled for the benefit of all beings. He continues to draw inspiration from various Buddhist traditions and is taking full advantage of his exposure to the wealth of clinical knowledge and expertise at Mindspace to complement that. He is also enthusiastic about the potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and is the lead on Mindspace’s various projects related to this emerging field.