Cory Cooperman has a diverse background which gives him insight into a variety of life situations. He’s worked in areas ranging from first responder, software development, project management, and providing psychotherapy. During his Ph.D. training in Clinical Psychology at McGill University, Cory worked as a therapist at multiple clinical sites including the Allan Memorial Institute Addictive Behaviours Program, its ADHD in Adults Program, and its Anxiety Disorders Unit. He completed his full-time, one year clinical internship at the Douglas Hospital Eating Disorders Program, where he used tools from a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural, Psychodynamic, and Dialectical Behavioural, in service of connecting with clients to support them in their struggles. Cory is presently continuing to explore Mindfulness Based Interventions.

Now, at Mindspace, Cory brings a client-centred approach to the process of intake. As the clinic manager who also handles the intake process, he welcomes and screens people for psychological and coaching services by being open, non-judgemental, understanding, and compassionate. Cory knows that the process of change is challenging, and it begins with the difficult first step of reaching out for help. He will guide you through the Mindspace intake procedure in an efficient and personalized way, answering your questions and helping you to find a match with one of our team members, based on his clear understanding of their therapeutic offerings, and an in-depth discussion with you to assess your needs and desires.