Deborah cares about helping people lead with greater awareness and live the kind of life that fulfills them. She is a certified ontological executive, leadership and personal Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She brings to her coaching practice over 20 years of corporate experience as a Change Management Consultant and Director of Marketing, Communications and Strategy departments; a proven yoga and meditation practice that she says has helped her stay centered for over 15 years; countless learning experiences that have shaped her life; a deep interest in human beings, emotional intelligence, somatics and an unquenchable curiosity. In her practice, she works with the intelligence of the body to awaken dimensions beyond the cognitive and rational realms. She loves to work with valued employees who are transitioning into challenging leadership roles with new responsibilities.

Deborah was educated and trained in the art and science of coaching through Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado, an internationally acclaimed education, coaching and consulting organization. She had the immense privilege to learn under the wisdom of Julio Olalla, the founder of Newfield and one of the renowned pioneers of executive coaching and transformational learning fields.

Stemming from ontology (the study of what it means to be human and how we bring things into existence through our thoughts, moods, behaviours and conversations), somatics, neuroscience, emotional and social intelligence, mindfulness and ancient wisdom, her approach is both scientifically grounded and highly practical.

At the root of her interventions is the following formula:

Deep Questioning
+ Openness
+ Self-Awareness
+ New Learnings
+ Committed Practice
= Transformation (with a better presence and greater resilience)

Though this formula may appear simple at a glance, this is not an easy process. What is common sense is not necessarily common practice. This is when working with a Coach can provide tremendous value. The Coach can bring support, structure, process and a new set of eyes to unravel one’s best potential.

Deborah also holds an MBA from HEC Montréal, a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Concordia University and is a graduate from McGill’s Executive Development and Advanced Management programs.

Deborah works in both French and English.