Derek Covington is the former Director, Olympic Performance for the Canadian Olympic Committee, having directed Team Canada’s overall performance preparation strategies at the Olympic Games. As Director and Team Leader at a combination of twenty major Games, including nine Olympics, and five World Championships over the past twenty years, Derek brings his passion for building environments where people can maximize their potential and realize their best selves.

Derek is a trained mPEAK instructor from the University California, San Diego. He began his meditation practice in 2010 alongside an active vinyasa yoga practice; and more recently over the past two years he has embarked on an active journey to increase his capacity to live and perform mindfully. He is currently mentoring under Pete Kirchmer, mPEAK Program Director at the UCSD Centre for Mindfulness, towards completing his certification as mPEAK Coach.

Derek also coaches individuals one-on-one, in addition to working with teams through the design of custom performance workshops. He regularly consults on high performance culture, and presents internationally on sport system development and Olympic optimization.

A compassionate and supportive connector, Derek’s approach is to create awareness of the body in grounding oneself in the face of challenges, while making choices that are consistent with intentions.

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