Diane is a certified ICF professional coach and recently graduated as a Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner, a transformational and experiential coaching methodology based on mindfulness. Prior to becoming a coach, Diane, a seasoned strategic leader, held key leadership positions in the private sector where she was responsible for the organizational development strategy.

She has dedicated herself to helping leaders create meaning in their own lives and in their organizations, connecting who they are to what they do. She helps individuals and leaders build the skills required to have a positive impact on their organizational context and personal lives. Diane draws on several coaching approaches, systemic-based, ontological as well as experiential. Deeply intuitive, she combines her ability to shift perspective with her clients’ natural talents and skills to help them achieve the personal transformation and professional objectives they envision.

Diane is a Henry Mintzberg’s Coaching Ourselves Partner and Certified Facilitator as well as a U Theory (MIT) practitioner, an innovative approach to support change, anchored in presence for the emergence of sustainable solutions. She is a public speaker, gives conferences as well as leads development and mindfulness workshops and retreats. Diane is fluent and works in both English and French.

A 25-year mindfulness practice informs and inspires every aspect of her life.

To request an appointment with Diane Boulet, please contact us at (514) 481-0317 or email info@archive.mindspacewellbeing.com.