Dr. Hyehyun Paek is an integrative psychiatrist. She completed her medical degree at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and her psychiatry residency at McGill University. She is currently enrolled in Integrative Psychiatry Institute Fellowship based out of University of Colorado School of Medicine. She is a 2020-2021 candidate for Certified Integrative Psychiatric Provider. She values innovation, creativity and continual growth.


Dr. Paek believes that wellness is not simply an absence of symptoms, but rather the achievement of optimal health. She aims to identify and address the root causes of symptoms through compassionate, non-judgmental examination of the individual’s life narrative. She respects patient preferences when it comes to treatment modalities and can manage both natural therapies and pharmacological treatments. Additionally, Dr. Paek creates space for healing in the person who is affected by the illness and accompanies them while they re-learn to navigate through life. She strives to equip her patients with tools to obtain and maintain wellness through self-compassion, connection and meaning.


Dr. Paek discovered mindfulness during medical school but only began to practice meditation regularly during her psychiatry residency. Through meditation, she gained a new perspective on health and wellbeing, which has led her to pursue further exploration of whole person care.