Omer is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the University of Montreal. He is also continuing his training at GMF-U Des Faubourgs in the CIUSSS du Center-Sud-de-Île-de-Montréal.

At the University of Montreal, Omer came into contact with several therapeutic approaches, including schema therapy and mindfulness-based therapies. Mindfulness is therefore an integral part of his professional and academic training. Indeed, in addition to the professional practice of mindfulness, Omer wrote his doctoral thesis on the effects of a parental mindfulness based intervention on childhood separation anxiety disorder.

In therapy, Omer’s approach allows him to tune into the client’s subjective experience in order to create a space where the client can feel understood and heard. It is important to Omer that he establish a relationship of trust that will facilitate the exploration of past and present dynamics, in order to resolve the client’s relational and professional impasses and give them meaning. This necessitates a participatory commitment on his part, in addition to a concern for the well-being and personal development of the client.

Omer only works with clients in French.