Dr. Hyehyun Paek is an integrative psychiatrist. She completed her medical degree at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and her psychiatry residency at McGill University. She is currently enrolled in Integrative Psychiatry Institute Fellowship based out of University of Colorado School of Medicine. She is a 2020-2021 candidate for Certified Integrative Psychiatric Provider. She values innovation, creativity and continual growth.

Valérie is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at McGill University. Throughout her training, she has worked with clients presenting with various problems, such as eating disorders, different forms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance-related problems and impulse-control issues. Valérie practices in both French and English.

In supervised clinical practice at Mindspace by Dr. Jessica Kokin, Andrea is a Ph.D. candidate in Counselling Psychology at McGill University. She holds a Masters degree in Psychiatry from McGill University and a bachelors in Psychology from Concordia University. Andrea has completed all of her clinical training and is in the process of finishing her doctoral dissertation. She has trained and worked in different settings including hospital outpatient clinics, E.R. Psychiatry, university counselling centers and private practice. She offers individual therapy as well as couple therapy and provides services in English, French and Spanish.

Katrine is a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) at Université de Montréal. She has experience in counselling and psychotherapy with individuals 16+ and has worked in a variety of clinical settings. She is currently working as a psychotherapy intern in supervised practice following her internship at Mindspace, under the supervision of psychologist Debra Gartenberg. Katrine works with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, adjustment disorder, emotional regulation, stress, burnout, relationship issues, work/school concerns, anger, self-esteem, trauma, spiritual concerns and finding one’s purpose or meaning in life.

Gabrielle is a doctoral student registered with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Montreal and is completing her doctorate in psychology at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Gabrielle is dedicated to supporting people in search of better self-understanding and change. Gabrielle currently only works with clients in French.

Amélie Paulus is a doctoral student in psychology at University of Montreal. She uses an integrative approach to psychotherapy that blends the humanistic, mindfulness and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) perspectives. She works with adults, young adults and teens struggling with anxiety, depressed mood, and relationship difficulties.

“When facing the inevitable challenges of life, I believe we can reduce our pain greatly by tuning into our inner world with openness, in a safe and supportive environment. No matter how hard our reality might be, we can develop compassion for ourselves, build acceptance, heal our wounds, and find our own creative ways to take on a new path filled with meaning and satisfaction. I have experienced this process myself and its transformative power and beauty inspired me to facilitate it for other humans. I am honored and grateful for getting to do this work and see people growing and feeling better every day.”

– Lisanne

Omer is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the University of Montreal. He is currently completing his internship at the Mindspace Clinic under the supervision of Karine St-Jean. He is also continuing his training at GMF-U Des Faubourgs in the CIUSSS du Center-Sud-de-Île-de-Montréal. Omer only works with clients in French.

Amy was trained as a mindfulness teacher for both the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programs through the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, Canada. Her interest in mindfulness practices was ignited in her teens as a track and field enthusiast and continues to this day. She has a particular interest in bringing mindfulness practices, both the sitting aspects and the moving aspects (through dance) to the full age span she works with, in her mindfulness work and her speech therapy offerings.

Jacinthe is a professional certified coach and active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She leads individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs in mindfulness and without judgment to achieve their professional and personal objectives. Also, by helping them to better manage their stress and to find answer to their questions, she allows the client to strive for a better general balance. Jacinthe works primarily in French.

Dr. Brigitte Bédard, MD, is a physician who has been practicing family medicine for more than 30 years. For the last 4 years, she trained in teaching the MBSR program (mindfulness-based stress reduction) at UMass University, in Shrewsbury, USA, and then got trained also as an MSC teacher at the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.