Rami Nijjar is a trained Mindful Self-Compassion teacher and has been leading MSC and other mindfulness-based groups across North America for over 7 years now.  Rami was introduced to loving kindness meditation (one of the core practices of MSC) in her late teens and found it transformational.  She loves teaching MSC as she sees how much it helps others deepen their relationship with themselves and provides them effective tools to cope with life challenges.  As a therapist, Rami works mostly with intimacy issues (both sexual and emotional) and finds that MSC allows people to open up to intimacy and desire in a way that is heartwarming to facilitate.  Her participants love working with her because she provides a warm, authentic, non-judgmental space for them to explore mindfulness and self compassion, and her love for teaching shines through in her workshops.  Rami is also passionate about making MSC safer for survivors of trauma, childhood abuse, and marginalization.  She believes that mindfulness and self compassion can help us achieve a greater sense of safety with ourselves and others in uncertain times.

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