Valérie is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at McGill University. For her doctoral research project, she uses neuroimaging methods to study the neurobiology of addiction. More specifically, she investigates the impact of drug-related cues on people with varying histories with stimulant drugs of abuse to better understand the contribution of these cues in the transition from recreational use to problematic use of stimulant drugs.

Throughout her training, she has worked with clients presenting with various problems, such as eating disorders, different forms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance-related problems and impulse-control issues.

She is flexible in her therapeutic orientation, drawing from several evidence-based approaches (e.g., cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, schema therapy) that are likely to benefit her clients most based on their specific needs. Valérie believes a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust and collaboration is the foundation for effective change. She will help you understand your current difficulties and build an array of effective and practical coping tools to face them. Valérie practices in both French and English.