Vickie is a doctoral student in psychology specializing in childhood and adolescence in the research and intervention program at the University of Montreal. She is also currently doing an internship in Child Psychiatry at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. Her thesis concerns anxiety disorders and their risk factors. The main focus of her project concerns the functioning of the neural fear circuitry by using functional magnetic resonance imaging with an Inuit teenage population in Nunavik.

Throughout her training, Vickie has worked with clients with a variety of challenges such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attachment disorders, and various externalized disorders and existential questioning. She studied internalized disorders during the development of young people for several years at the Sainte-Justine Hospital, as well as REM sleep and dreams at Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Montreal.

Vickie is flexible and integrative in her therapeutic approach, using cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic and mindfulness approaches in order to adjust to her clients needs. She is particularly specialized in play therapy with children. Vickie is also an internationally certified yoga teacher, which she uses to enrich her therapeutic tools. For Vickie, the foundation of psychotherapy is based on a therapeutic relationship of trust. Openness and non-judgment is the gateway to a lasting and unique process of change to increase the well-being and resilience of her clients. Vickie practices in French.