Dr. Zhen Xu is a graduate of the Clinical Psychology programme at McGill University and a licensed member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. She provides individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with an integrative therapeutic orientation, which includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based approaches.

Zhen has extensive experience working with individuals across their lifespan, including immigrants, who may be experiencing the following difficulties:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress management
  • anger management
  • weight loss/maintenance difficulty
  • difficulty with changing unhealthy habits
  • obsessive-compulsory disorder (OCD)
  • trauma
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • relationship difficulties
  • burnout
  • low self-esteem
  • sleep problems
  • grief

In her practice, Zhen cultivates a collaborative and supportive relationship with her clients to help them reach their goals, gain confidence, and improve quality of life. She is open and compassionate and is adaptive to each client’s individual needs and values. She sees clients in English, French, and Mandarin.

Zhen completed her clinical training working with populations across the lifespan in a wide range of both private and public settings, including Jewish General Hospital Child and Adult Psychiatry, McGill University Health Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital, McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program Clinic, Royal West Academy (high school), and McGill affiliated Emotional Health CBT Clinic. For her doctoral research, Zhen conducted a comprehensive lifestyle intervention with overweight individuals that applied psychological strategies to implement behavioral changes, help them lose weight, and maintain healthier eating and physical activity habits in their daily lives. She also applies her research findings to her clinical work in delivering lifestyle/weight loss interventions in bariatric and cardiac rehabilitation populations.


徐臻 Zhen Xu


  • 抑郁
  • 焦虑
  • 压力缓解
  • 愤怒情绪调理
  • 减肥/维持体重
  • 改善不良生活习惯
  • 强迫症 (OCD)
  • 多动症 (ADHD)
  • 社会关系处理
  • 工作倦怠
  • 低自尊
  • 悲伤
  • 心理创伤


徐博士在多家公立/私立医疗机构,完成心理医生实习,包括Jewish General Hospital儿童青少年精神科门诊,成人精神科住院病房,St. Mary’s Hospital, Royal West Academy (高中), McGill University Health Centre (麦吉尔大学医疗中心), McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program Clinic (麦吉尔综合健康改善诊所), 以及McGill affiliated Emotional Health CBT Clinic (心理健康诊所). 在她的博士研究中,她设计研究一套全面合理的生活方式和行为方式调适方案,应用心理学策略帮助个人减肥,实现行为方式改进,从而形成健康的饮食习惯,以及运动锻炼习惯。徐博士把她的研究发现,通过生活方式/减重方案,运用于临床治疗中,尤其是对于那些减肥和心脏康复人群。