Have you been suffering with depression or with a somber mood lately? Have you been dealing with persistent anxiety, despite your attempts to overcome it?

Cognitive-behaviour therapy is an action-oriented therapeutic approach that has been scientifically proven to treat depression and anxiety.

It is intended for individuals with mood and/or anxiety difficulties who wish to benefit from an 8-week group therapy.

The goal of group therapy is, among others, to allow you to better understand your current state as well as to develop tools to improve your mood and to better manage your anxiety in an interactive setting.

Acquiring these tools and the skills that accompany them can also help you adapt to future situations.

During 8 weeks of psychoeducation, practical exercises, group dialogues and home practice, you will learn:

  • What are depression and anxiety, as well as the mechanisms that maintain these psychological states
  • How to act to break these mechanisms and improve your mood
  • Various relaxation techniques
  • How to better understand your emotions and their function in your life
  • How to recognize and reinterpret counter-productive thoughts
  • How to better manage interpersonal conflicts

*Offert en français.


Valérie D’Amour-Horvat

Valérie is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at McGill University. Throughout her training, she has worked with clients presenting with various problems, such as eating disorders, different forms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance-related problems and impulse-control issues. Valérie practices in both French and English.

Dominique Cloutier

Dominique offers individual therapy for children, teenagers, and adults that emphasizes an integrative approach adjustable to the needs of her clients. She works in particular with theoretical psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural approaches. She is currently a supervised doctoral student affiliated with the Order of Psychologists of Québec, under the supervision of Dr. Joe Flanders. She offers therapeutic and evaluation services in both French and English.