This 4-week, pay-what-you-can series is meant for anyone looking for tools to manage the emerging ‘new normal’ that we all now find ourselves in. Each week in this live, interactive series we will explore a different theme related to our new collective reality, and a corresponding psychological tool or strategy to help frame and navigate the situation.

The themes include:

Introducing the new normal – Safety and grounding

Stop the noise – Mindfulness and movement

Tuning in and working it out – Working with emotions

Finding flow – Giving back for meaning and purpose

The course format will involve brief introductions, a guided practice, presentation of the material, and time for group discussion. The course is intended to not only provide educational content and skill-teaching, but also to harness the communal support of a peer group at a time when social connection is more crucial than ever.


Andrew Rose

Andrew is the Directory of Programming and Psychedelics at Mindspace, and a mindfulness teacher. Has been practicing meditation since 2002, having studied mainly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition before becoming interested in the clinical applications of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. In addition to managing Mindspace's group programming and teaching MBSR, Andrew oversees the Mindspace's psychedelic program, and sees individual clients for one-on-one mindfulness training and coaching around psychedelic harm reduction and integration.