This 4-week, pay-what-you-can series is meant for anyone looking for tools to manage the emerging ‘new normal’ that we all now find ourselves in. Each week in this live, interactive series we will explore a different theme related to our new collective reality, and a corresponding psychological tool or strategy to help frame and navigate the situation. Sign-up for the series or select individual days to attend.

Each week’s themes include:

  • Awareness of the reality of our changed world and its power over our lives

    Rediscovering inner calm
    Refocusing exercise

  • Invitation to new ideas of existence

    Changes in direction and objectives
    Breath exploration

  • New essential forms of communication

    Creation of a conscious and organized internal speech
    Neurological training of the heart and the brain

  • Contemplation of conscious and lucid states

    Centering in the eye of the tornado
    Meeting the body and its sensations

The course format will involve brief introductions, a guided practice, presentation of the material, and time for group discussion. The course is intended to not only provide educational content and skill-teaching, but also to harness the communal support of a peer group at a time when social connection is more crucial than ever.


Manon Breton

A psychology graduate, addiction responder, and a palliative care attendant, her work focuses on supporting growth in humans and their unlimited capacities. She gives mindfulness therapeutic individual sessions and provides workshops in businesses, prisons, schools, and hospitals, as well as individual mindfulness training. Manon works in English and French.