Breathwork has been used for thousand of years by various cultures and traditions. Breathwork is generally a way of using your breath in specific ways to access expanded or what Stanislav Grof called “Non-ordinary States of Consciousness”.

The non-ordinary state is one where you can let go a little and sometimes can help participants gain new perspective on issues they are struggling with in their lives, experience relief from trauma or gain deeper insight into ones life purpose and direction.

How It Works: ” The mystical experience may just be what it feels like when you deactivate the brain’s default mode network. This can be achieved any number of ways: through psychedelics and meditation . . . but also by means of certain breathing exercises . . .” – Michael Pollan form his book How To Change your Mind, 2018.

The “Ego” can be described as all the things we define our self as: our “identity”. There is a part of the brain largely found in the medial prefrontal cortex called the Default Mode Network (DMN) that in part maintains these ego structures of identity. During Non-ordinary states of consciousness the DMN diminishes and the usual boundaries and limitations we experience can at times loosen their grip on us ( Pollan, 2018).

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