What is a safe dose of cannabis?
Can people get addicted?
How do you know when someone is consuming too much?
What is THC and CBD and what do they do to the brain?
Who is at risk for adverse effects of consuming cannabis?

Cannabis is widely consumed in Canada and especially so since it became legal nationwide on October 17th, 2018. Health professionals are increasingly called upon to educate and support people’s safe consumption of cannabis and that of their loved ones. And yet, many of us remain in the dark about the risks and benefits for individuals’ mental health.

Join Dr. Claude Cyr and Mindspace for a one-day training on cannabis and mental health for healthcare professionals (family doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, therapists, coaches, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, and anyone who is interested). Dr. Cyr will cover all the basics, so you will be prepared to advise patients’ appropriately.

Learning objectives include:

  • Reviewing the basic and clinical science of cannabis
  • Understanding the role of cannabis in a variety of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.
  • Identifying the risks of cannabis for the adolescent brain
  • Dealing with cannabis addiction

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