The MBCPM™ program has been developed in Canada, and customized to the needs of those dealing with chronic pain. Attendees will learn the principles of mindfulness and the importance of living in the moment, how these relate to suffering less pain, and improve resilience and healing.

Mindfulness assists in remaining calmer and more pain controlled, despite the challenges of everyday life, and there is scientific evidence that the brain changes with on-going practice of mindfulness.

This practice can change the intensity of pain suffering, both emotional and physical, in a very positive way. Life skills are also enhanced in this course. The MBCPM™ group will meet once a week for 2 hours and 45 minutes (including break times) for a total of 12 weeks. Sessions will include guidance through meditation techniques as well as discussions about mindfulness practices and life skills.

No prior experience with mindfulness or meditation is necessary. Participants will be encouraged to practice guided meditation at home and read sections of the course book between classes.

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