mPEAK is an eight-week training program for individuals who push themselves towards excellence. This intensive course in mindfulness draws upon scientifically proven practices to expand what is possible in your life and career. Create the conditions to attain your performance and wellbeing goals and help develop the skills to support you along the way.

mPEAK is an evidence-based, empirically researched course developed at the School of Medicine, Centre for Mindfulness at the University California, San Diego in conjunction with the USA Olympic BMX Cycling Team. The foundation of this program is based on the highly
respected Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum and adapted to integrate seamlessly into the rhythms of your daily life.

This training program is built around the latest brain research related to peak performance, resilience, focus, and “flow”. Whether you are an executive, athlete, leader, entrepreneur, first responder, or performing artist, this course can help you, both personally and professionally.
No prior meditation experience is required. Those with an existing practice or who have attended a mindfulness course before will discover a new dimension to their practice.

As with physical training, this mental-emotional training is based on the understanding that optimal outcomes occur when participants are willing to engage in the practices daily. Program activities weave together a variety of guided meditations, reflections, and experiential exercises as well as some conceptual teaching, and an opportunity to share in the group.

This course is powerful for any stage of your journey. The emphasis of the program is to enhance attentional and emotional resources, as well as personal capacities through the
following themes:

● Mindfulness and resilience
● Impact of stress on performance anxiety
● Shifting inner dialogues
● Priming for states of flow
● Understanding stress triggers and reaction cycles
● Working with inner-criticism and perfectionism
● Motivating ourselves through self-compassion
● Cultivating greater joy, gratitude, and positivity
● Knowing and using our strengths
● Setting goals and intentions connected to our values
● Embracing some mindful foundational attitudes

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