Corporate retreats aim to leverage experiential learning and allow businesses to go beyond knowledge and skill sets to also include mindsets and new ways of managing self and others.

Our corporate well-being and personal growth programs are adapted to meet organizational needs, objectives and business challenges. All corporate retreats are tailored to your organization’s requirements and range from half-day to full-day immersive experiences.

Mindspace collaborates with quality partners to offer corporate retreats in inspiring settings.

Mindspace x BALNEA 

Mindspace has the pleasure of collaborating with BALNEA, spa + reserve thermale, the spa icon perched on a mountainside, amidst a breathtaking private nature reserve. Its cutting edge architecture and awe-inspiring site make it an outstanding destination. BALNEA cultivates the art of relaxation by inviting its guests to luxuriate in a one-of-kind experience.

The Experience

When your team members participate in one of our corporate well-being experiences, they’ll find themselves immersed in the spectacular natural setting of BALNEA’s thermal reserve. This spa domain is nestled between a pristine lake and an amazing mountain forest that awakens all senses and provokes an unforgettable Zen moment.

Our development programs are based on mindfulness fundamentals designed to enhance awareness, presence, personal growth and management of emotions. Inspired by the stunning beauty of the reserve and the therapeutic qualities of the thermal experience and services, you and your team will truly appreciate this time spent together.


Half-Day Formula

This immersive session usually lasts approximately 6 hours and includes a workshop of your choice, a gourmet meal at LUMAMI restaurant and the thermal experience. Our corporate well-being program will allow your team to experience a time of deep personal growth. A timely escape from the frantic pace of everyday life.

Full-Day Formula

Intensive session including a full-day workshop of your choice, or two half day sessions, a gourmet meal at LUMAMI restaurant, a meditative trail walk around Lake Gale, a guided meditation workshop and access to our thermal experience. An immersive experience to optimize the benefits of your chosen program.


Here are the different thematic experiences offered to best meet your needs. We can also adjust themes or add new ones, according to your company’s specific requirements.

  • Stress reduction: The art of surfing big waves
  • Connection: Developing authentic relationships
  • Simplicity: Getting back to your essence
  • Gratitude: A hidden gem to unleash

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The Team

BALNEA has a team of passionate professionals ready to serve you. Their 60 massage therapists, beauty technicians and yoga teachers have been carefully selected to meet the highest standards of the thermal industry and ensure an exceptional care experience.

The Mindspace team is composed of psychologists, qualified mindfulness teachers, certified coaches and highly experienced consultants. During your group workshops or company retreats, you can count on our know-how, attention to detail and deep understanding of your needs.

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