Ketamine treatment aims to address the root causes of mental health conditions and to help you create lasting change in your daily life. We offer treatments that combine leading-edge therapy with psychedelic medicine in an environment optimized for your comfort and safety. When used in relatively small doses, ketamine is a psychoactive substance that can contribute to altered or ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness. Recent research has shown that, when combined with forms of counselling by trained mental health professionals, these psychedelic experiences can enable people to overcome a broad range of mental health challenges, ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction and trauma^1 (reference). Mindspace by Numinus has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals in order to offer ketamine treatment options to our clients. Interested in learning more? Click the button below to get started by booking a 15 minute information call with one of our compassionate Care Coordinators.

Please note we are currently only initiating screening for KAT for clients with diagnoses of treatment resistant depression, anxiety, or PTSD.  Even though we try our best to answer your requests within the shortest amount of time possible, we are not an emergency centre. If you are in crisis, please call Crisis Intervention at 450-679-8689, call 9-1-1, or present yourself to your nearest hospital emergency room.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ketamine?
    Ketamine is a synthetic medicine classified as a dissociative anesthetic. It is a widely used anesthetic and is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. It was developed in 1963, approved for use in 1970, and adopted by many jurisdictions because of its rapid onset, proven safety, and short duration of action.
    Though ketamine is most commonly used as an anesthetic agent in surgical and emergency department settings due to its good safety profile, it has also been utilized successfully in managing acute and chronic pain conditions.
    While ketamine is known to be used recreationally as a street drug outside of medical applications, its use in this context is unrelated to medical and therapeutic use, which has been shown to be safe and associated with positive outcomes.
    In the last two decades, ketamine has been increasingly used as a treatment for various mental health conditions, such as depression, substance use disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental health conditions. If you have any questions or concerns about ketamine itself, do not hesitate to inquire with the Numinus medical team about it during the screening process.
  • What is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy?
    Our ketamine treatment offerings are flexible and are designed to meet your individual needs and goals and best support you on your healing journey. Though we offer many options for our ketamine treatments, there is no need to feel overwhelmed in making your choice; our clinical team will help you to decide what form of treatment will best meet your current needs and healing goals.
    Our treatment options include:
    Ketamine Treatment Standard Program
    What is Ketamine Treatment?
    Ketamine-assisted therapy combines structured therapy with the medical administration of ketamine. When used in controlled doses, ketamine is a medicine that can cause altered states of consciousness. Recent research has shown that, when combined with forms of therapy by trained mental health professionals, these psychedelic experiences can enable some individuals to overcome a broad range of mental health challenges, ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction and trauma.
    In the context of ketamine-assisted therapy, the aim is to harness the openness of this altered state by combining it with structured therapy to engage with and process strong emotions that may otherwise be painful or simply difficult to access. Working on this emotional awareness with your therapist may then make it possible to ‘reorganize’ core experiences, see important relationships in a new light, create a coherent and meaningful narrative that supports positive transformation, and to come into balance. The Standard Program includes two Preparation Sessions, three Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Sessions, three Integration Sessions, and a Closing Session; and Introductory Program with one Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Session is also available.
    Flexible Ketamine Treatment
    Though our Standard Program is expected to provide the best and most lasting results, research has also shown ketamine to be beneficial without therapy. We also offer ketamine medicine as a standalone treatment, without one-to-one preparation and integration with a therapist. This is ideal for clients with therapy experience who are well supported in the community. Here, we allow you to build your own healing program with the assistance of our clinical team. You can choose between several session types to meet your current needs and healing goals. At the core of this program are Ketamine Sessions; in these sessions, you are given ketamine under medical supervision, but your experience is not guided by a therapist. You may also choose to add in Preparation or Integration Sessions with a therapist to better support you through your experience. This journey is entirely customizable, and our clinic staff will help you to design an individual program that will work best for you. You can always switch things up as you go along, adding in more sessions if you feel the need for further support.
    Our Spravato® treatment is a structured program that involves 12 Spravato® Sessions. In these sessions, you will be given Spravato®—a branded form of ketamine—under medical supervision, but without a therapist to guide you through the ketamine experience.
  • How does the process work? How many sessions do I have to do?

    Our ketamine treatments are flexible, designed to meet your individual needs and goals and best support you on your healing journey. In our treatment options, your ketamine experience can involve a guiding therapist, or you may choose to engage in healing without a therapist. During ketamine sessions, short-term changes in your state of consciousness occur that can help you feel connected with your inner healing capacity and enhance your ability to meaningfully engage in therapy. You may be able to process strong emotions and memories that may otherwise be too painful or difficult to access and help you to experience personal breakthroughs that may resolve some of the root causes of mental health conditions.

  • How is the ketamine administered?

    We presently use rapid dissolving tablets that are dissolved in the mouth for initial ketamine doses and nasal spray for supplemental doses. Your team will work with you to determine and adjust your dose for each session, helping you ease into the experience. Each time ketamine is administered, your response will be closely monitored. We also offer ketamine intramuscular injection and Spravato®.

  • What is the actual experience like?
    Ketamine can be administered via intravenous infusion (IV), ad intramuscular injection (IM), nasal sprays, and rapid dissolving tablets; at Numinus, we currently use nasal sprays and tablets. After taking a rigorous, client-centred approach to determine whether KAT is the appropriate treatment for your situation, your medical team will work with you to find the correct dosage.
    The physical and emotional effects of ketamine will differ from person to person; however, common experiences include:
    • Altered states of consciousness and feeling separated from reality
    • Disruption of negative feelings
    • Relaxation of ordinary concerns and usual mindset
    • A sense of euphoria
    • A dream-like or “floating” sensation
    • An altered sense of time (losing track of time; time slowing down or speeding up)
    • Diminished or altered body sensations; some people may have an “out-of-body” experience, where awareness of the physical body is reduced
    • Tunnel vision, or seeing things through a fog
    • Pain reduction
    • Mild changes in perceptions of sounds and sights
    • It’s also possible to have uncomfortable feelings or suppressed traumas arise. Safety and care are the top priorities of our team members, and your therapists will be there to support you as you navigate any challenging experiences.
    Our rooms for ketamine dosing sessions have been intentionally designed to ensure your comfort and support your journey. You may choose to be in a reclined or semi-reclined position, wear eyeshades, and listen to music to enhance the experience.
  • Am I eligible?
    At Mindspace, ketamine treatment is only available to individuals between the ages of 18 and 65, and to Quebec residents. At present, youth under 18 years of age, pregnant women and nursing mothers are not eligible for ketamine treatment, since the effects of ketamine on pregnancy, nursing children and youth are still relatively unknown. Though research indicates that ketamine treatment may be effective for a number of mental health indications, Mindspace is currently focused on addressing treatment-resistant depression.
    To be eligible for ketamine treatment for depression, you must be evaluated by a medical practitioner and not have any contraindications to this therapy, including any medical or other psychiatric illnesses that suggest this treatment might be unsafe. Conditions that may make you ineligible for ketamine treatment include, but are not limited to: a history of psychosis (e.g. hallucinations), mania, untreated hypertension, heart disease or stroke, and seizure. Similarly, severe liver disease, untreated thyroid disorders or other medical conditions may require management prior to ketamine treatment.
    If you are suffering from treatment-resistant depression our team will work directly with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for treatment by taking a full medical and psychological history.
  • Are residents outside of Quebec eligible to receive Ketamine Assisted Therapy?

    No, we can only provide KAP for clients who are resident in Quebec.

  • What does it cost? Is it covered by health care or my private insurance?

    Ketamine treatment is an innovation in mental health care, but because it is still new, it is presently an uninsured medical service; however, if you have a private insurance provider, you may be able to claim some session types and medications. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs for each service. Medical visits are covered by public health care plans.  Please contact us for additional pricing information.

  • What if I decide partway through the treatment that Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy is not for me?

    From day one our team will be focused on ensuring that you are receiving the best possible care, and supporting you through what may be both a challenging and profoundly healing experience. In the event that you choose or need to withdraw from the treatment before its completion, you may stop without incurring any additional charges, as long as you cancel your next session with sufficient notice, which varies depending on the session type, but ranges between 1 and 3 days. This will be discussed with you in more detail by your Personal Health Navigator.

  • I’m interested, what’s the next step?

    If you believe you are eligible for ketamine treatment and would like to proceed with the program, the next step is to book a FREE info call with our Care Coordinators.

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