A new wave of clinical research involving psychedelic compounds shows promising results for treating depression, addiction, PTSD, and other mental health conditions.

While public access to these new treatment protocols is currently limited to clinical trials due to the legal status of most of these substances, both the research results and the growing media attention around them has led to increased interest and intentional therapeutic use of psychedelics by the general public. Mindspace holds a harm reduction position in response to this movement in the interest of supporting the mental health and well-being of individuals who intend to or have had psychedelic experiences. While Mindspace neither condemns nor encourages psychedelic use, we believe that with proper education and integration support, the potential benefits of psychedelic use can be increased, and the risks associated with it reduced.

*Please note: due to the illegal status of most psychedelic substances, and until a change in that status, Mindspace does not provide access to psychedelic compounds nor do we conduct or support psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy sessions outside of the context of clinical research trials, Canada’s Special Access Program, and medically-mandated ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.*

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