Mindspace is a McGill University Teaching Clinic and also takes on Interns from the Université de Montréal and UQAM. Our Doctoral Candidates in Psychology are doctoral students from the various university departments of psychology completing the their training to be psychologists. Our Psychotherapy Interns are Masters-degree holders who are doing additional training in order to be granted a psychotherapist permit by the Quebec Order of Psychologists (OPQ). All are supervised by clinical psychologists licensed by the OPQ.

Psychotherapy is offered at a reduced rate for clients working with a doctoral candidate in psychology and psychotherapy interns. Therapy with a student is available dependent on client-therapist fit and availability.

What you need to know


  • Doctoral candidates and psychotherapy interns are supervised on a weekly basis by an advanced psychologist licensed by the Quebec Order of Psychologists (OPQ).
  • The objective of supervision is to maintain an excellent quality of care.
  • Your information will be discussed for supervision purposes only.
  • Your therapist’s supervisor may occasionally be present during therapy sessions.


  • Mindspace is committed to your privacy.
  • Information divulged during therapy sessions is strictly confidential and only your therapist and his/her supervisor and the Mindspace Clinic director may access it.
  • Your therapy may occasionally be discussed in small group supervision.

Video Recording

  • Mindspace Doctoral Candidates in Psychology and Psychotherapy Interns will often video-record therapy sessions for supervision purposes only, using small and unobtrusive cameras or capturing of online sessions.
  • Recorded sessions will be exclusively available to your therapist’s clinical supervisor.
  • All recordings will be erased at the completion of your therapy at Mindspace.

Benefits of Working with a Doctoral Candidate in Psychology or Psychotherapy Intern at Mindspace

  • Doctoral Candidates in Psychology and Psychotherapy Interns are experienced Masters degree holders or Ph.D. students who are committed to excellence in psychotherapy.
  • Mindspace clients who work with a doctoral candidate or psychotherapy intern benefit from the additional expertise of a clinical supervisor.
  • Clients who work with doctoral candidate therapists or psychotherapy interns will benefit from a reduced fee for therapy ($100 or $125 depending on training level).
  • These students are the ones who most often have the shortest waiting lists and more flexibility in their appointment hours.


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