Relationships with coworkers are a top driver of employee engagement, with 77% of workers listing these connections as a priority.

Total shareholders return in high-trust organizations is almost three times higher than in low-trust organizations.

Nationally, employee turnover costs businesses $11 billion annually. Of the people who left, 17% said that a friendly smile from a co-worker would have made a difference.

Employees who have a best friend at work are 7 times more likely to stay at their job, 5 times more likely to feel engaged, and 57% more likely to recommend the company’s products or services.

At Mindspace, we believe that positive relationships emerge in a physically and emotionally safe environment, through awareness, self-regulation, compassion and mindful communications. We also believe organizations have a role in creating the right culture and systems to develop and maintain the psychological safety needed for individuals and teams to flourish.

Individuals and leaders can learn to create these psychologically safe environments where good relationships promote growth. They can learn to respond with increased compassion and flexibility, act with respect, mindfully listen, and deepen collaboration. Through the art of connecting and communicating, participants enjoy more satisfying relationships.