Beyond KNOWING and DOING, the next competitive edge for leaders and organizations will be around self-awareness and BEING. Most leaders and teams are operating at a greatly reduced level of capacity namely because they are so solicited, all the time, 24/7.

The notion of presence and self-awareness have never been so needed as now. Self-awareness is the key to authentic leadership and a major mechanism of self-control, supporting psychological safety in teams. Presence is the doorway to self-awareness and also conditions how one listens, engages and inspires others.

At Mindspace we help business leaders :

  • Develop their quality of self-awareness and presence;
  • Respond with intentionality rather than react on autopilot;
  • Recognize their beliefs and their triggers that affect decision making;
  • Connect to their values and purpose to serve as a compass;
  • Access clarity of mind to make wiser decisions;
  • Feel safe and grounded enough to manage with compassion, curiosity and openness.

Our Learning Journeys

Our journeys focus on the following four pillars of wellbeing:

  • Self-awareness: Expanding attention from doing to include being present
  • Self-regulation: Getting clarity on patterns of thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Purpose: Connecting with purpose to draw energy from our needs and values
  • Art of connecting: Developing deep and meaningful connection with others

Our passion is helping people train their minds to change behaviour. Achieving lasting change requires the right design, context and commitment. So we rely on only the most rigorous, evidence-based tools to deliver inspiring, work-based learning journeys. This approach leverages “micro-learning” to zero-in on the most critical mindsets and skill sets.

Thematic Workshops, Conferences and Keynote Speakers

Wellbeing, mindfulness, consciousness and leadership presence are increasingly important strategic drivers of sustainable organizational performance. Mindspace is an industry leader in training leaders and teams in these emerging, powerful practices.

Talks and workshops include but are not limited to:

  • An introduction to mindfulness at work
  • Mental health at work
  • Chronic stress and stress management
  • Value and presence-based priority management
  • Defining one’s purpose and clarifying one’s direction
  • Perception and belief system
  • Habit loops and cravings
  • Acceptance and letting go
  • Mindful communications
  • Mindful eating and healthy nutrition
  • Mindful sleeping habits
  • Digital detox

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