70% of all transformation efforts fail to provide expected outcomes, despite decades of change research and experience.

55% of people experiencing organizational change feel chronic stress while only 22% of people without change experienced these same outcomes.

4-fold increase of physical symptoms related to a changing environment compared to stable environments. Other impact includes loss of loyalty, absenteeism or presentism and overall disengagement.

The failure rates of organizational transformation are staggering, and may even be on the rise as change fatigue settles in. Employees are increasingly becoming cynical and develop mental models resisting change from the onset to best protect themselves and restore a sense of psychological safety. Yet, exponential rates of change define our business world. Leaders need to develop the skills and mindset to create a space where engagement, innovation, and performance can emerge.

At Mindspace, we believe that cultivating resilience is a key factor in successful transformations, We support your leadership team and their teams to develop psychological safety, develop the ability and desire to see the big picture with clarity, to make skillful- not reactive- decisions, using values and trust as guides for these responses. Managing one’s mind, having space to recognize talent and positive outcomes mastering the art of communicating and connecting with compassion will support implementing change and large transformation initiatives.