Annual losses to the Canadian economy due to mental illness in the workplace is estimated at $33 billion.

30% of Canadian employees report they work in environments that are not psychologically safe or healthy, resulting in “hyper stress” (Too high and chronic)

80% of managers believe it is part of their job to intervene with stressed or distressed employees Yet only 33% feel they have the training to do so.

At MindSpace, we believe that building resilience to stress means knowing how to break out of habit loops and limiting beliefs, so we can consciously choose appropriate responses to stress, by learning to get out of our own stories to actively engage in the present moment.

Reducing stress requires building good coping skills and resilience in stressful situations, but training leaders to better intervene with team members who exhibit signs of unhealthy stress. We work with employers to build a mental health toolkit not only for employees, but also for their leaders to better connect, support, and intervene with their team members showing signs of stress.