At Mindspace, we believe that performance and well-being go hand in hand. We believe that organizations thrive when its individuals have the tools to cultivate presence, clarity, focus, purpose and compassion.

With Mindspace, the journey starts with a conversation. We listen attentively to understand your culture, your pain points, and your aspirations. From there, we co-create a plan to help your organization flourish, leveraging qualified coaches, high-end workshops, deep learning journeys, and management consultants.

Our management consultants guide you through your change process, whether incremental or transformational. We help you clarify your intent and the path to realize it.

Mindfulness training and development sets a strong foundation for well-being and optimal performance. In-house mindfulness meditation classes with debriefing on challenges and best practices can help individuals develop a sustainable practice over time.


  • Carl presented at our Annual QUEBEC Association of Educators conference at Champlain College (RAC/SCC program) this past May. His workshop reviews were excellent! Many of the conference participants recommended that we have him back next year.

    , Champlain College (RAC/SCC program)
  • We worked with the MindSpace team to develop a series of Workshops for our Managers. Not only were the results very positive, but the experience of developing the program was very enjoyable. We always felt that we shared the same values and were working together with the team towards a common goal. It is evident that they truly care and want to make a difference.

    , Aldo Group

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