At Mindspace, we believe that performance and wellbeing go hand in hand. We believe that organizations thrive when its individuals have the tools to cultivate clarity, focus, purpose and compassion.

With Mindspace, the journey starts with a conversation. We listen attentively to best understand your culture, your pain points, and your aspirations. From there, we co-create a plan to help your organization thrive, whether that means a single workshop, or a full-service intervention plan.


Not sure if our approach applies to your organization? Explore some of the common workplace challenges Mindspace can help you address below, or get in touch to learn more.

Stress and mental health issues are the fastest growing category of disability costs for Canadian employers. It affects performance and sustainable growth. Organizations are increasingly promoting wellbeing and developing resilience to support teams and their leaders in this increasingly complex and fast-paced environment. Learning tools to manage our busy minds, building flexibility, resilience and effective coping skills is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage.

Relationships in the workplace can foster harmony and resilience, drive performances and creativity and unlock a team’s potential and commitment. They can also generate stress, hinder performance and lead to disengagement. Building authentic, compassionate and meaningful connections while communicating mindfully are shown to foster well-being, engagement and create value

With increased pressure to perform and keep up to life’s ever-increasing pace, our brains and bodies tend to fall into survival mode, focusing on short-term imperatives, thus limiting the expression of our, and our teams’ full potential. Identifying one’s sense of purpose, values, priorities and contributions become a strong catalyst to wellbeing and engagement, for individuals and teams.

The highly competitive, global environment in which businesses operate makes creativity crucial. Creativity and innovative problem solving require a focused and open mind, not the survival response or the busy and unfocused mind associated with stress. Developing mindsets and skillsets to promote creativity and innovation provides a clear competitive edge.

In today’s busy environment, attention is increasingly diluted and biases often cloud our decisions. No matter what we believe, most of the decisions we make are driven by emotions, bringing us to automatically react. A mindful leader is able to observe and manage thoughts and emotions, which can often hijack rational behaviour and thus better manage decisions based on facts and present moment realities.

The new norm in organizations is on-going change, with accelerating pace, new organizational models, emerging generational gaps, increasing communication channels, and highly competitive environments among others. Developing an organization with increased resilience is becoming a new competitive advantage to best cope with change and on-going demands linked to transformation.


  • Carl presented at our Annual QUEBEC Association of Educators conference at Champlain College (RAC/SCC program) this past May. His workshop reviews were excellent! Many of the conference participants recommended that we have him back next year.

    , Champlain College (RAC/SCC program)
  • We worked with the MindSpace team to develop a series of Workshops for our Managers. Not only were the results very positive, but the experience of developing the program was very enjoyable. We always felt that we shared the same values and were working together with the team towards a common goal. It is evident that they truly care and want to make a difference.

    , Aldo Group

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