At Mindspace we help produce the results that matter most to you and your organization, with greater resilience, ease in a sustainable way.

As a consulting and coaching firm, we are a unique tribe of professionals who bring heart to our work. Our team is comprised of highly trained, experienced and accredited Coaches from diverse backgrounds, all levering mindfulness to help you and your organization manoeuver through instability, uncertainty and change. Like you, we have a similar passion to grow, thrive and succeed alongside our clients.

Our mission is to create safe spaces to openly explore new learnings, fully embody the learnings through practice and experience the powerful shift that occurs when they create unexpected results

We value






Our Services

Not in distress but still feel like you could use some support to help navigate life’s challenges, whether at home, at work, or even in your creative or spiritual life? Wondering how you can leverage the latest science in psychology, mindfulness, and motivational research to really start thriving in sustainable ways? Our certified coaches are here to help.

Coaching is now identified as a critical leadership and management competency with employees of all levels requesting coaching to support them in their development plans and with managers leaning towards peer-coaching to learn from one another.