At Mindspace we help produce the results that matter most to you and your organization, with greater resilience, ease in a sustainable way.

As a consulting and coaching firm, we are a unique tribe of professionals who bring heart to our work. Our team is comprised of highly trained, experienced and accredited Coaches from diverse backgrounds, all levering mindfulness to help you and your organization manoeuver through instability, uncertainty and change. Like you, we have a similar passion to grow, thrive and succeed alongside our clients.

Our mission is to create safe spaces to openly explore new learnings, fully embody the learnings through practice and experience the powerful shift that occurs when they create unexpected results

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A psychology graduate, addiction responder, and a palliative care attendant, her work focuses on supporting growth in humans and their unlimited capacities. She gives mindfulness therapeutic individual sessions and provides workshops in businesses, prisons, schools, and hospitals, as well as individual mindfulness training. Manon works in English and French.

Catherine (PPCC, ACC) obtained her credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and her personal and professional coaching designation (PPCC) from Concordia University’s ACSTC Accredited Program from ICF and is currently completing a certificate in Narrative Coaching. She has been practicing meditation since completing her first retreat in 1998, and completed a meditation teacher training program with the Open Heart Project in 2017.

Jacinthe is a professional certified coach and active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She leads individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs in mindfulness and without judgment to achieve their professional and personal objectives. Also, by helping them to better manage their stress and to find answer to their questions, she allows the client to strive for a better general balance. Jacinthe works primarily in French.

Diane is a certified ICF professional coach and recently graduated as a Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner, a transformational and experiential coaching methodology based on mindfulness. Prior to becoming a coach, Diane, a seasoned strategic leader, held key leadership positions in the private sector where she was responsible for the organizational development strategy.

Johann is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Mindfulness Coach. He specializes in helping leaders gain a non-judgmental meta-perspective on their current behaviour patterns to liberate their unique gifts and talents. Johann is the co-founder of the Bhakti Center in Manhattan, a community and cultural center dedicated to the wellness. As a Hindu monk and community builder for 25 years in New York City and India, he has always been fascinated by the possibility of integrating the best from the East with the best from the West. Johann works in both English and German.

Hélène is an executive coach and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She leads, individually and in groups, directors, managers, supervisors, professionals and entrepreneurs with the purpose of helping them become better leaders and face their multiple management challenges. Hélène works primarily in French.

Deborah cares about helping people lead with greater awareness and live the kind of life that fulfills them. She is a certified ontological executive, leadership and personal Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She brings to her coaching practice over 20 years of corporate experience as a Change Management Consultant and Director of Marketing, Communications and Strategy departments; a proven yoga and meditation practice that she says has helped her stay centered for over 15 years; countless learning experiences that have shaped her life; a deep interest in human beings, emotional intelligence, somatics and an unquenchable curiosity. In her practice, she works with the intelligence of the body to awaken dimensions beyond the cognitive and rational realms. She loves to work with valued employees who are transitioning into challenging leadership roles with new responsibilities.

Deborah works in both French and English.

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Not in distress but still feel like you could use some support to help navigate life’s challenges, whether at home, at work, or even in your creative or spiritual life? Wondering how you can leverage the latest science in psychology, mindfulness, and motivational research to really start thriving in sustainable ways? Our certified coaches are here to help.