Our Services

Often the problems that plague us later in life begin in our more formative years, and properly assessing and intervening can make a big difference in long-term wellbeing. Whether you have concerns about attention deficit and hyperactivity, low self-esteem or obsessive-compulsive behaviours, Mindspace can help your child and your family overcome these obstacles and pave the way for a healthy adulthood.

Most emotional and psychological obstacles arise from relationships of some kind, and often our closest partners are the ones with whom we need the most support. This can feel even more challenging when that relationship is the hub of family unit, or operating from non-heteronormative models. Whatever your challenge as a couple, Mindspace can help find a path forward that’s healthiest for you.

Whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic stress, anger or irritability, relationship problems, trauma or grief, Mindspace can help you recover, find balance, and learn to thrive, according to your own values. We offer full rate psychotherapy with Ph.D. level psychologists, as well as reduced-rate therapy with Doctoral Candidates in Psychology.