Are you noticing anything different?

We’ve just launched our brand new website in time for the holiday period. Whether you’re an MBSR-veteran or a first time visitor to the site, we hope the many improvements we’ve made around here will help our clients and community find what they’re looking for with a little more efficiency and ease.

Better organization

Our psychology clinic section now does a much better job of bring our fabulous team of psychologists and therapists front and center, our rapidly growing workplace wellbeing department has been significantly expanded and tells some great stories about the good that our evidence-based approach to wellbeing can do for organizations of all kinds, and our programming sections, both the mindfulness training and professional development offerings, have been completely rebuilt for a much better user experience. (And speaking of great experiences, registration is open now for our winter 2019 programming, for those of you looking to start 2019 on the right mental foot.)

Showcased content

Our blog (which thanks mostly to Mindspace’s founder Dr. Joe Flanders has been putting out helpful content since 2012) has been cleaned up and consolidated. And speaking of Joe’s content contributions, we now have a much better showcase page for the Mindspace Podcast, which has already put out 10 episodes, including the latest one that discusses cannabis and mental health.


The site is also blazing fast, and looks great on mobile and tablets, which is a good thing considering at least half of you are probably reading this on one of those devices right now.

The Future

We’re definitely not finished, and have lots of plans for improvements moving forward, including a large open source resource section with guided meditations, curated video content, and more. We’ll also be adding a lot more to the FAQ. (And there’s probably a bug or two lingering. If you notice anything that’s not quite right, or have a suggestion for a feature improvement, don’t hesitate to get in touch.)

And Mindspace as a whole will have a lot of exciting new offerings in 2019. After a year of working part-time with the team (mostly on this website) while also running our partner drop-in studio at Presence Meditation, I’m excited to be joining the team full-time as the new Director of Programming and Digital Strategy. I will still be overseeing programming at Presence and teaching meditation (and hopefully leading my first MBSR program, too), and am really looking forward to the possibilities we’re opening up through both organizations.

There are very few things that seem as important to the world right now as supporting mental wellbeing. Even our biggest challenges as a civilization require a psychological game-plan that’s modern, evidence-based, non-stigmatized, and accessible, and that’s exactly what Mindspace is all about.

Whatever the state of your mind, here’s wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season. See you bright and early in January. 💫