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Food and eating makes up a huge part of our lives—in fact, it’s been said we make approximately 200 food decisions every day. Food, eating, and our relationship with food affect not only physical selves, but also our mental and emotional well-being. Understanding the “why, how, what, when, and where” we eat is something that we can bring mindfulness to and, in doing so, we can gain more awareness. With greater awareness comes the ability to make wiser choices that can bring us into greater alignment with how we want to live and the relationship we want to have with food.

This three-hour workshop is not so much about what we eat; rather, it focuses on understanding our thoughts and emotions as well as our highly conditioned habit patterns and automatic behaviours. We will explore “food and mood,” the different kinds of hunger, taste satiety, and emotional eating. This workshop will weave together experiential exercises, conceptual teaching, and provide discussion opportunities.This workshop will leave participants with food for thought and the possibility for bringing greater awareness (and skillful means) to this aspect of daily life.

Please bring to the workshop:

–     a plate

–     a small amount of honey

–     something salty, like a few potato chips

–     a small amount hot sauce

–     a small amount of something fatty (such as nut butter, olive oil, or butter)

–     four small pieces of chocolate

–     three pieces of dried fruit

Please note that this course will be offered in English, online.


Jennifer Innes, MSc

Jennifer is the founder of Ottawa Meditation & Wellness and a highly skilled mindfulness and self-compassion teacher. She has experience working in organizations and with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds, including those with challenges, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain, as well as high performers and others who are simply looking for new tools to build resilience and manage stress.

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