mPEAK is an eight-week training program for individuals who push themselves towards excellence. This intensive course in mindfulness draws upon scientifically proven practices to expand what is possible in your life and career. Create the conditions to attain your performance and wellbeing goals and help develop the skills to support you along the way. Learn more about mPEAK here.

This program is offered in English and will be online. The group meets weekly on Thursday evenings for eight weeks, starting on April 21st. There is also an in-person silent mountain hike TBD, allowing you to embody the journey in a natural environment.

What to expect when signing-up:

When you register you will be transferred to our Mindbody Online site where you will be asked to create an account and provide some basic information. From there, you will be asked to pay a 20% deposit to reserve your spot in the course. Our team will review your information and be in touch about next steps.



Derek Covington, MSc

Derek Covington is a certified mindful performance coach (mPEAK) through the Centre for Mindfulness at the University California, San Diego. He works with individuals, companies, and teams to enhance their capacity for peak performance, resilience, focus and flow. Derek has created systems for elite performers and teams across the globe. His career spans twenty years and nine Olympic Games, most recently as the Director of Olympic Performance for the Canadian Olympic Committee

Jennifer Innes, MSc

Jennifer is the founder of Ottawa Meditation & Wellness and a highly skilled mindfulness and self-compassion teacher. She has experience working in organizations and with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds, including those with challenges, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain, as well as high performers and others who are simply looking for new tools to build resilience and manage stress.