Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness and Knowledge (mPEAK) is an eight-week course to enhance the human capacity for mindfulness related to peak performance, resilience, focus and “flow.”

The program is based on the highly respected and empirically-supported Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum and adapted to enhance our performance moments, big and small. mPEAK is ideally suited to athletes, coaches, first-responders, performing artists, entrepreneurs and the corporate athlete. It is for anyone looking to participate in a program that enhances one’s capacity to be at their best in their performance moments by bringing together the latest scientific research and mindfulness training. It is particularly relevant for individuals looking to respond more effectively to increased workplace demands and changes in the face of challenge.

Program activities include meditation; presentations on the relationship between neuroscientific findings, peak performance and mindfulness; experiential learning exercises; group discussion; and home practice. The goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring how we typically respond to challenges and opportunities and to provide tools for becoming more adept at meeting and overcoming these obstacles to achieve our goals.

This program meets online weekly on Wednesday evenings for eight weeks, and also includes a half-day walk/hike on Mont Royal TBA.

This course is offered in English.

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Derek Covington

Derek Covington is a certified mindful performance coach (mPEAK) through the Centre for Mindfulness at the University California, San Diego. He works with individuals, companies, and teams to enhance their capacity for peak performance, resilience, focus and flow. Derek has created systems for elite performers and teams across the globe. His career spans twenty years and nine Olympic Games, most recently as the Director of Olympic Performance for the Canadian Olympic Committee